"The day started off with Brooklyn’s fully nuclear-warhead, the raw and dirty rockers Treads, who were a big kick in the ass before your first cup of coffee, and was enough to wake you up out of an elephant tranquilizer coma sans-caffeine. The wickedly sloshed band is fronted by the immensely charismatic Emily Madge, who has transferred the project from its previous incarnation of Whiskey Bitches, and is now full-on 1000 proof high-octane rocket fuel. They have a new release in the works, so don’t miss it, as if you possibly could ignore these killers." - Dean Keim

Photo: Dean Keim @ Pancakes & Whiskey

Photo: Dean Keim @ Pancakes & Whiskey

Destroy Exist - ALWAYS

The electric super energetic punk rock of New York City trio, Treads, sounds loud, aggressive, catchy, attentively produced and very well executed and now it comes in the form of a debut EP, gleefully called I Don't Know How to Have Fun on an Island Where I'm Always Wasting Time, a title that wittily combines the record's four song titles into one.

Fortunately the band's brightness doesn't stop in the album naming but easily carries on to the music itself as there are seem to be moments in Treads' indie noise rock when the trio sounds so tight and diligent, and often suggestive of the protopunk roughness of bands like Destroy All Monsters or the DIY ethics of Bikini Kill. -ZR

YAB YUM - 7 Feisty Singles

This New York act combines growl-y vocals and driving guitars for a fierce sound guaranteed to rile up a crowd. I am, however, in question of the basic premise of this song. These cats obviously know how to have fun no matter what the lyrics suggest. This single comes to us from the band’s 4-track EP, I Don’t Know How to Have Fun on an Island Where I’m Always Wasting Time. Yeah, it’s a mouthful, but it also might be the best eleven minutes of your day. 

NYC Punk Rockers TREADS Drop New EP Play Mercury Lounge

Opening with a primal scream, NY-based trio Treads's latest EP is a whirlwind record complete with gut-busting screeches and head-shaking riffage. The aptly titled EP 1 is four tracks of high-energy punk earworms that are instantly catchy without being overtly poppy. Check out Treads playing the Mercury Lounge with The Royal They 10/17, and be sure to stream them below. - Olivia Sisinni