Spring 2017

Hello, It's Madge checking in.  We've had a lovely hibernation, how was yours? now that spring is well underway and we're all starting to gear up for summer I wanted to share with you some of the fun we've been having! 

I got to play an acoustic set at Sofar Sounds NYC office to an incredible group of music fans.  I can't remember the last time I played to a completely focused and attentive crowd of silent, phone-less people! It was pretty amazing and totally nerve wracking, but I'm so happy I did it.  Check out the video of Better Off, which will be out on the new EP this fall.

We had the pleasure of opening up for Radkey at Knitting Factory which was a total blast. First off Radkey are really fun live, second, Knitting Factory is a solid venue to play at (good sound fun staff


This is Mike

He Plays Guitar with us sometimes :) His band is called Nihiloceros 

Enjoy some other photos from our escapades, including our band tattoos as part of the Planned Parenthood fundraiser we participated in.

So that's all for now, touch base soon

- Madge

EP Title

Hello, Madge here, I've gotten a few questions about the nature of the title for our first EP, I Don't Know How to Have Fun on an Island Where I'm Always Wasting Time.  While it does accomplish the use-all-the-song-titles gimmick, the reason we actually used it was because it struck such a nerve with me. The reference is to the daily grind of traveling into Manhattan every morning wasting time coming home to get to work and how frustrating that rinse cycle repeat can feel. There is something incredibly draining and frustrating about just getting by.  That bubbling frustration encompasses a lot of the aggression on this EP. 

Manhattan by Aquatory was all I could find on the painting.  

Manhattan by Aquatory was all I could find on the painting.  


We couldn't be happier to finally be releasing our very first EP! 

The journey these four songs have taken is quite a long one.  Last September, Kris had just joined the band and the three of us jumped straight into Converse's Rubber Tracks studio. We had only just started playing together and were working on somewhat old songs, before having any true direction yet as a new group (or even solidified a new band name!), but when an opportunity like that comes along, you just jump on it.  

TREADS Recording @ Rubber Tracks 9.2015

TREADS Recording @ Rubber Tracks 9.2015

Glenn Drumming Away! 

Glenn Drumming Away! 

We had the privilege of working at Rubber Track's with Matt Shane was our lovely engineer that day and he was fantastic! 

With the basic tracking mostly done, I got in touch with Chris Gilroy to help us finish up the vocals, second guitars and mix!  He and I spent many many nights grinding out the vocals and going over the mixes at Douglas Street Records.  Once that was complete, Glenn's friend Justin Shturtz did us the honor of mastering all the tracks  at Sterling Sound and boom we had an EP.  In fact we had the EP done before we'd even settled on a new band name! 

During the process of finishing this, Glenn had a punctured ear drum, Kris got hit by a car and broke her foot, I moved apartments, Glenn switched jobs, Kris started school and finally, FINALLY, the 4 songs we managed to record are making their way to you. 

Now because you are all such beautiful people and we appreciate everyone following along this path, you can preview the whole EP HERE before it's official release :)



RIP Whiskey Bitches, Hi We're TREADS

At the end of last summer WB welcomed Kristi to the band on Bass and since then she Glenn and I have been carrying on as WB.  After a few months though it was clear we had a bigger sound and a wider range of musical ambitions, so we started thinking about a new band name. It took a while, but I'm happy to announce that we finally settled on the name TREADS.  We are officially a new band and Whiskey Bitches is no more.   Hi, We are TREADS enjoy. 

Music Coming This Summer :)