2017 Summer / Fall Cirque Du Punk & Babes All Rock Fest

Well Hello Again,

Last we met, the air was warm and summer was just about to get started.  What a perfect time to do some outdoor acoustic shows! Let me start by saying, these terrify me, I shake and tremble every time, which means of course I'd like to do tons more of them.  Two Boots Pizza in Williamsburg hosts a fantastic serious of acoustic shows over the summer of which I was lucky enough to be invited to play twice.  I highly recommend these events they're super fun outside in the sun, with pizza and wine, how could you go wrong! Check out a short clips of the solo acoustic version of TREADS song IDK Fun: 

We'd been hard at work rolling into fall prepping for a new kind of show, a show that combined Circus and music together.  Cirque Du Punk was born of the wonderful mind of Suzanne Karpinski and Torrie Olgivie.  They invited us to play as part of this somewhat odd but in the end incredily fun show.  It featured a collection of contortion, fire spinning, arial and burlesque. This would also mark the first time TREADS had seriously incorporated covers into our show.  We played Where Eagles Dare by Misfits, TKO by Le Tigre, Bad Day by Dresden Dolls, Should I Stay or Should I Go by The Clash, and Holiday in Cambodia by Dead Kennedy's.  Honestly though, my favorite was Kris's red hair spray slowly bleeding down their face as they sweat through the set!   


From one major event to the next, we jump ahead to Babe's All Rock fest at Baby's All Right December 3rd 2017.  It was something that came about after a discussion between some lovely ladies in the scene and Ana Becker (of Fruit & Flowers) made it happen! This was a full day of amazing women in music and TREADS got to kick of the event playing bright and early.  We had such a blast at this show.  I have to say it was the first time I felt like the band was really getting to know itself if that makes any sense.  It was such a joy to be on the bill, to see all the other bands play, and celebrate the fact that when I started playing music in Brooklyn, it was rare to share a bill with other women, now pretty much all our shows are 50/50 which is FANTASTIC!


TREADS wrapped up 2017 by kicking off the recording process for our 2nd EP!  We're quite excited for this one and hopefully we'll have new music for you by mid Spring.  Check back in for more, till then, with much love and appreciation,



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